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Medhat Amin
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Medhat Amin

Corporate business solutions

An expert in designing and developing the role for HR to be of strategic nature and a stakeholder in the implementation of "high-level business strategies".

  1. Over 27 years of extensive experience in "Human-Capital development" strategies and implementation plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region.
  2. HR development and execution expertise in the areas of:
  • Developing HR and Administration policies and procedures which reflect management philosophy and objectives.
  • Managing the employee recruitment and selection process including; developing, evaluating and validating selection instruments and examination methods.
  • Developing and maintaining job analysis techniques including job description and objectives to be in line with "business process management".
  • Developing truly measurable and realistic "appraisal systems"; the objective of which is to measure performance in achieving the change in behavior and objectivity in the work-place.
  • Planning for staff career path and succession systems.
  1. Business management expert with an excellent track record on:
  • Maintain and update HR database related to the recruitment process, performance evaluation systems, and compensation programs.
  • Maintaining Daily Activity Report system (DAR ) that track Organization's Strategic Goals achievement through the daily performance of each employee in the organization and the assurance that duties and responsibilities of the employees are all covered in their daily performance.
  • Identifying needs and recommending "training programs" related to employee development, improving work performance and services.
  • Identify and recommend new "benefits and compensation programs" for diversified activities in an organization.
  • Develop, implement and manage new "motivational-schemes" which help in establishing the organization's strategic objectives.
  • Plan, implement and manage "Change management" campaigns that help in preparing staff in adopting, smoothly, new strategic plans and to be part in achieving those strategic plans.
  • Implement tools to identify and resolve "employee issues" related to grievances, compensation, benefits and other hindrances which may affect their performance.
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