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Ashraf Afify
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Ashraf Afify

Training provider

Mar 2017 to Present - Training provider
Provide a training for MCIT candidates and support in recruiting a trainers for the scholarship to support the project

Dec 2016 to Present - Business Trainer at Harvest academy
Involved in 2 projects:
1- Egyptian post
2- Petrobel

Nov 2014 to Present - Training & Development Manager at E-smart
1- Create and manage new training team for the launched company.
2- Design all needed training plan for induction and existing employees training.
3- Work on TNA and design needed refreshment training programs.
4- Create a development programs by existing and freelance training in order to
develop all staff levels, {Employees, Meddle management}.
5- As an additional task from top management, work as an account management head

From Jun -2015 - Mar 2008 to Present
Freelance Trainer at Private sector, Government & training centers

May 2015 to Dec 2016 - Project Management Head at E- Smart
Full responsibility for launching call center projects and transform all clients
requests into reality, including human and business needs, to meet the deadline to start the call center.
12 launched accounts

Aug 2010 to Nov 2014 - Training & Development supervisor at Etisal International
1- Soft skills training for American Visa customer support project for English and
Ethiopian team call center.
2- Soft skills trainer for BEKO call center project.
3- Leadership & coaching workshop in leaders development programming in Etisal
4- Soft skills trainer for Burger king call center project.
5- Soft skills trainer for VMware meddle east technical support project.
6- Technical trainer for Mobily GSM, project lunch.
7- Technical trainer for Mobily corporate (Online training Riyadh: Cairo).
8- Work as business consultant for a loan task (create process check list, Operation
and training audit, draw process Visio for Co departments.
9- Working with Zain KSA as a call center supervisor to cover lunch and set quality
and work force including translate into Arabic.
10- Leadership skills trainer for new hired team leaders (Urdu and Saudian leaders)
in Zain KSA
11- Hope project (quiet smoking help) hotline acting as project manager.
12- Etisalat Egypt (GSM, 3G) technical & Soft skills training for more than 1500 call center agents, Soft skills trainer for call center team leaders and supervisors (Time management, leadership skills, problem solving.

Jul 2008 to Jul 2010 - Training specialist at Etisal International
- Soft skills trainer for BEKO call center project.
- Soft skills trainer for Burger king call center project
- Technical trainer for Mobily GSM, project lunch

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