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Tricon System / Tristation 1131 Configuration & Implementation

Tricon System / Tristation 1131 Configuration & Implementation

=> Course objectives:

  • Describe the hardware and implementation of the Tricon controller
  • Describe the basic features of the Wonderware InTouch graphical tools
  • Describe communications between the Tricon system and Wonderware display
  • Navigate the TriStation 1131 Programming software
  • Write a Control Program in TriStation 1131
  • Use InTouch to build Wonderware displays using WindowMaker
  • View the safety application using WindowViewer
  • Establish communications to the Tricon Controller
  • Download the Control Program to the Tricon Controller
  • Force points and monitor program logic
  • Display the control program on the Wonderware display
  • Change setpoints and force points from the Wonderware display
  • Verify the program changes in both the Tricon system and Wonderware

 => Course Content:

    • Program a safety application in TriStation 1131
    • Build Wonderware displays using WindowMaker
    • Monitor the communications between the control program and the Wonderware WindowViewer InTouch displays. This configuration is common to many plants to monitor operations and troubleshoot alarms
  • =>Who Should Attend :
  • Supervisory personnel responsible for the Triconex system
  • Technicians responsible for installing and maintaining the Triconex system
  • Plant engineers who configure and support the Triconex system
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