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Internal Branding

Internal Branding

=> Course objectives:

Upon completion of the program, you'll be able to ---

  • Develop a Brand Management Strategy Internally
  • Understand the Relationship between HR & Internal Branding
  • Managing a Brand Management team inside the Organization
  • Understanding Brand Management Techniques.
  • Using  Brand Management in Organizational Development
  • The Impact of Internal Branding to obtain a professional Customer Experience

 => Course Agenda:

  • Day one:
    • What’s Internal Branding? External Branding?
    • The principles of internal branding
    • Internal Branding Audit
    • ORM & internal Branding
    • Selling the Brand Inside The Organization
  • Day Two:
    • How to Defining Your brand with your organizational ideology
    • Brand Management Online
    • cases of effective communication processes and see the effect on the employees
    • Brand Management Performance Measurement
    • Internal branding and sustainability
  • Day Three:
    • How to Integrate between HR Process and your Branding
    • The Impact of Internal Branding on your HR Activities & Tasks
    • How to Build A long term relationship between your Employees & your Brand
    • Brand Management Resource Management
    • Internal Branding Trends in 2018

 =>Who Should Attend :

    • Senior Marketer
    • Brand Management Managers
    • Business Owner
    • Business Development Executives
    • PR Department
    • HR Executives
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