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E-commerce & External Marketing

E-commerce & External Marketing

=> Course objectives:

Upon completion of program, you'll be able to ---

  • Knowledge of the main channels for e-marketing and its role in the marketing of e-government services.
  • Knowledge of the most important characteristics of e-commerce in 2017.
  • Understand how to use e-commerce to achieve the objectives of e-government.
  • Management and control of any electronic business; and how to craft deals and contracts for e-commerce.
  • Overcoming the problems of e-commerce.

 => Course Agenda:

  • Day one:
    • Introduction to e-commerce in the modern era (defined types).
    • Statistics global and regional e-commerce and interaction with electronic services.
    • Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce.
    • The relationship between traditional marketing and e-commerce and e-government.
    • What are the forms of e-commerce? What are the levels?
  • Day Two:
    • What are the impediments to the use of electronic commerce?
    • Theoretical and scientific methods to overcome the problems of modern e-commerce
    • The impact of e-commerce and the Internet on information security in e-government.
    • Practical application of knowledge of the most important marketing e-regional and global trade channels
    • What is E-contract? What are the most important characteristics?
    • E-commerce Contracts
  • Day Three:
    • The conclusion of electronic contracts via e-mail.

    • Mechanism - held e-commerce transactions over the World Wide Web (Internet).

    • What are the electronic payment methods?

    • Forms of electronic bidding.

    • The most important attributes of e-procurement.

    • The future of e-commerce and the most important challenges in 2018.

 =>Who Should Attend :

    • Junior Marketer
    • Senior Marketer
    • Junior Online Marketer
    • Senior Online Marketer
    • Business Development Manager
    • Web Developer
    • Web Designer
    • Business Owner
    • Sales Manager
    • Sales Executives
    • Students
    • CEO
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