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Call Center Excellence & Engagement

Call Center Excellence & Engagement

=> Course objectives:

Upon completion of the program, you'll be able to :

  • - The role of Call Center and effective communication in achieving the intended objectives of the Organization.
  • - Understand the Basic & Advanced Levels of Call Center Methodologies  
  • - Modern Foundations that we rely on Call Center Approaches
  • - How to Communicate as an Expert Call Center Agent
  • - How to deal with different types of clients
  • - How to display the service professionally.

 => Course Agenda:

  • Day one:
    • Introduction to Call Center and its concept.

    • The role of the Call Center organization.

    • Increase your awareness of problem-solving steps and problem-solving tools

    • Distinguish root causes from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem

    • Omni Communication Channels with the Client

    • FCR is Undeniably the Most Important Metric

    • Top 10 Rules of Good Decision Making on Phone

    • Goals of Call Center Department / Agents.

    • What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Call Center?

  • Day Two:
    • How to be a Product / Service Expert

    • Develop professional service attitude

    • How to Prepare your Self as a Professional Call Center Agent

    • Types of Calls

    • What to Say & What Not during the Call

    • Discuss & Explain Customer Complaints

    • Customer Tone of Voice, and how to analysis it

    • What did the Customer need to hear from you on phone?

    • How to Control your Tone of Voice

    • Common Mistakes of Calls Processing

    • Call center abbreviations

    • Before – During – After the Call Phases

  • Day Three:
    • The initial process of  Answering the Call

    • How to end the Call in a professional way

    • What after ending the Call?

    • Follow up Calls

    • Set an objectives for every Call

    • The Smart Techniques to deal with inbound / outbound Calls

    • How to control your Anger during the Call ?

    • Working as a Call Center Agent in a Team

    • Better Contact Center Analytics

  • Day Four:
    • Modern Call Center Software
    • How to Deal With Negative Comments on Phone
    • Identifying key lead measures to ensure deliverables are achieved on time
    • Adoption Of Cloud Communications In Call Centers
    • Emphasis On Self-Serve Documentation
    • Identifying and managing bottle necks and expectations
    • Understand the Nature & Mentality of the Caller
    • Common complaints and how to manage them
    • Diffusing tension and getting to an agreement with the client
    • The International Standard of Call Center Structure & Approaches
    • Call Etiquette
    • KPIs of Call Center Agent Performance & How to Measure it
    • How to set a KPIs for your Self as a Call Center Agent
  • Day Five:
    • Digital Call Center

    • AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) applications for call routing

    • Advanced Call Center Agent Techniques & Behavior

    • An International Case Studies of Professional Call Center

    • What are the types of Call Center globally?

    • Trends of Call Center in 2018

 =>Who Should Attend :

  • Call Centers Department
  • Senior & Junior Sales
  • Call Center Agents
  • Senior & Junior Marketers
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